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Experience Seamless Cross-Border Payments

Take your business to new heights and expand your global reach with our USD Payouts (SWIFT) solution. Effortlessly make payments to suppliers and partners outside Africa, repatriate funds, and confidently navigate challenging markets

Swift USD Payouts | 

Swift USD Payouts | 

Swift USD Payouts | 

Swift USD Payouts | 

Swift USD Payouts | 

Build trust with secure payouts

Experience the power of secure and reliable USD Payouts (SWIFT) by Kandon. Enhance your reputation as a trustworthy partner and unlock new growth opportunities. Build strong relationships through seamless cross-border payments that inspire confidence.

No trapped cash with Kandon

Unlock the freedom to repatriate funds out of Africa effortlessly. With our USD Payouts (SWIFT) service, you can securely transfer funds to your desired destination and optimise your financial management.

Navigate challenging markets

Overcome barriers in difficult-to-reach markets like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and Francophone Africa with our USD Payouts (SWIFT) solution. Kandon empowers you to confidently navigate these markets, ensuring your funds flow smoothly and efficiently.

Oppose market manipulations with Kandon

Do not let manipulators control your business outcomes. Oppose their tactics and take control of your financial destiny with our robust platform that aggregates liquidity from top players, ensuring that you always have access to reliable and competitive rates.

Optimise your currency conversion

Benefit from our considerably better exchange rates than general market rates for USD Payouts (SWIFT). Maximise your funds and enhance your financial performance.

Efficiency in third-party payments

Solve the complexity of third-party payments in hard currencies to multiple countries with our USD Payouts (SWIFT) service. Simplify your payment processes and eliminate obstacles.

The one-stop solution for all international business payments

Kandon simplifies complex and time-consuming international payments so you can have time to focus on growing your business. Trust Kandon to handle all your payment needs, including B2B payments, USD payouts (SWIFT), SEPA payouts, settlements, and Treasury Management.