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Currency diversification to optimise financial performance

Our extensive supply of exotic currencies and FX risk management expertise ensure your transactions are handled securely and efficiently. With Kandon, you can trust you’re getting the best rates and faster settlements.

Get FX liquidity anywhere you need it

Get liquidity solutions quickly and easily via OTC and API for direct access to the FX market. Trust us to help you manage your risks and meet your obligations.

Get the best exchange rates with Kandon

Access considerably better exchange rates than general market rates with Kandon, giving you a competitive advantage in global commerce.

Protect your bottom line

FX volatility can significantly impact your business, but with Kandon, you can access tailored FX risk management solutions that fit your unique needs and goals. Focus on growing your business while we handle market fluctuations.

Unlock new possibilities with Kandon

Whether you need to manage FX risk or fulfil foreign-denominated obligations, our OTC and API solutions provide the flexibility and convenience your business needs.

Facilitate settlement with better exchange rates

Kandon offers better exchange rates to facilitate settlement, ensuring your business can meet its obligations and achieve its financial goals.

The one-stop solution for all international business payments

Kandon simplifies complex and time-consuming international payments so you can have time to focus on growing your business. Trust Kandon to handle all your payment needs, including B2B payments, USD payouts (SWIFT), SEPA payouts, settlements, and Treasury Management.