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Maximise your Financial Potential with Kandon

Optimise liquidity, maximise working capital, and ensure financial stability in an ever-changing economic landscape. We provide real-time visibility into your cash position, allowing you to make informed decisions and proactively manage your funds.

Kandon has a comprehensive suite of treasury management solutions that empower businesses to navigate today’s complex business landscape. Streamline financial operations, optimise cash flow, and confidently navigate financial risks.

Wedge against FX volatility

Kandon provides the tools, expertise and resources to mitigate FX risk effectively. Navigate currency fluctuations, safeguard your business from unpredictable exchange rate fluctuations and protect your bottom line.

Simplify your trades with Kandon

Our treasury management platform has trade finance solutions that automate and simplify trade finance processes. Significantly reduce paperwork, eliminate manual errors, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Make confident investment decisions

Get real-time visibility into your company’s financial landscape, empowering you to identify growth opportunities and strategically allocate funding for maximum impact.

Centralised and streamlined payments

Our comprehensive Treasury Management solutions help businesses to centralise and streamline payments across multiple banks, entities, financial systems, and ERP systems. Gain control and analytical insights over your payment flows to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

The one-stop solution for all international business payments

Kandon simplifies complex and time-consuming international payments so you can have time to focus on growing your business. Trust Kandon to handle all your payment needs, including B2B payments, USD payouts (SWIFT), SEPA payouts, settlements, and Treasury Management.